How to Keep Your Art Safe When Moving From Boynton Beach?

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Relocating comes with its share of challenges, and if you’re an art lover, you’re well aware that your prized pieces need special attention. You’ve spent time and energy curating your collection, so why risk damage during the move? With this guide assembled by Eagle Moving Group, you’ll discover top strategies that will help you keep your art safe when moving from Boynton Beach—wherever the road takes you!

How do you keep your art safe when moving from Boynton Beach?

So, you’re all set to move and wondering how to protect your valuable paintings during the process. Well, first of all, don’t just grab bubble wrap and start wrapping! Instead, start by covering your paintings in cardboard. This way, you’ll create a shield, a first layer of defense against any unfortunate punctures or external damages that could occur during the trip.

Next up is bubble wrap. Once the cardboard is in place, wrap your paintings in bubble wrap for added cushioning. This step is crucial, as bubble wrap absorbs shocks and impacts that could otherwise ruin your precious piece.

a girl painting in blue
When relocating from Boynton Beach, wrapping your art in bubble wrap offers excellent cushioning against potential impacts.

Finally, let’s talk about using glassine paper. This isn’t just any paper, though; it’s air, water, and grease-resistant! After the cardboard and bubble wrap are securely in place, a glassine cover should be your final layer of protection. This smooth paper safeguards your artwork from moisture, grime, and other hazards that could tarnish its appearance. Of course, all these steps can be time-consuming and require careful attention. That’s why, for those who are swapping states, hiring experienced professionals like interstate movers Boynton Beach locals speak highly of might be the best course of action. One that saves you time and provides the ultimate peace of mind.

Safeguarding your artwork against humidity

Moving art safely involves more than just cushioning and wrapping; you must also consider environmental factors like humidity, especially when relocating in or around humid regions like Boynton Beach.

Starting off, let’s talk about climate control. This feature helps to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level, which is essential for the longevity of your art pieces. If you’re unsure where to find climate-controlled solutions, fine art movers Boynton Beach companies provide could be the people to go to. These professionals are equipped to deal with the delicate nature of artwork and often have facilities you can keep it in or trucks with climate-controlled features.

Besides climate control, acid-free paper is another intelligent choice for wrapping artwork. Unlike regular paper, acid-free variants won’t interact chemically with your art, eliminating the risk of any unwanted reactions due to moisture.

Additionally, bubble wrap comes into play here as well. As we’ve mentioned, it adds an extra cushioning layer and acts as a barrier against moisture. So, after wrapping your art in acid-free paper, consider bubble wrap as your following line of defense against humidity.

a person preparing their art after researching how to keep your art safe when moving from Boynton Beach
Vertical loading of artwork minimizes the risk of damage during transit from Boynton Beach.

How do you keep unframed pieces well-protected?

Moving art requires meticulous planning, especially when it comes to unframed pieces that can’t rely on the added protection of a frame. This is where proper positioning comes in. The best practice is vertical loading. Unlike laying them flat, placing your art pieces vertically minimizes the risk of other items being stacked on top, thereby reducing the chances of any damage. Additionally, don’t forget to label your boxes or protective covers as fragile. This simple act serves as a reminder to everyone involved in the move to take extra precautions. Lastly, if you’re planning a significant move and are concerned about the well-being of your art, consider consulting with professionals in the field, such as long distance movers in Boynton Beach. Specialists can provide custom solutions, allowing your unframed pieces to arrive at your new home in perfect condition.

Extra advice for the safe relocation of your art collection

This may seem surprising, but getting insurance for artwork is something many overlook. We shouldn’t tell you why this isn’t a good practice! After all, accidents happen, even with the best of planning, so having insurance can be a real lifesaver. If any damage occurs during transit, your insurance policy can help cover the restoration costs or even compensate for a complete loss. Following that,

  • Let’s consider the type of boxes you’ll use for the move. The strength and durability of your boxes play a critical role in keeping your artwork safe. Opt for solid and durable boxes, and choose those specifically designed for art transport. Once your art is placed inside, make sure it fits snugly. Use additional padding to fill gaps so nothing shifts during the move.
  • Keep track of all your artwork by creating an inventory. List each item and its dimensions, and provide a short description. This helps you stay organized and aids in the unpacking process, making it quicker to notice if anything is amiss.
  • If you’re moving multiple pieces, consider coding or labeling them. Simple tags or colored stickers can help you remember which piece is which, mainly when dealing with a large collection.
a kid painting
Consult with professionals who can offer specialized solutions for art transportation to keep your art safe when moving from Boynton Beach.

Pursue your art-moving adventure!

So there you have it—everything you need to know on how to keep your art safe when moving from Boynton Beach. From selecting suitable packing materials to opting for specialized services, each decision you make contributes to the safety and integrity of your cherished artwork. In addition, let’s not forget the importance of insurance and sturdy boxes in mitigating risks. These elements serve as your safety net, providing that extra peace of mind. Now that you’re armed with all this knowledge, there’s no reason to hesitate. Moving with art may seem scary, but as you’ve learned, proper planning and attention to detail can make it much less overwhelming. So, go ahead! Make those moving plans with confidence. Bring your beautiful artwork along for the ride. They make a house feel like home, after all.

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