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If you’re considering moving to Georgia from Florida, your move will be in good hands. That’s because we at Eagle Moving Group can match you with moving companies Florida to Georgia that are experienced, efficient, and reliable. Whatever the move requires you to do, you can be sure that with our help, you can find the right experts. Contact us today for more information about how to find the right assistance for your relocation.

A couple looking for movers to help them with moving to Georgia from Florida
Let us at Eagle Moving Group help you find moving companies Florida to Georgia

Prepare for what Georgia offers

Before you find the movers you need to move from FL to GA, there’s a lot of planning to handle. Even the smallest of details can make a huge difference. And with an interstate relocation, you don’t want to find yourself in an unfamiliar area. Let’s go over some of the things that will change after your relocation.

The taxes will change

One of the biggest draws that the people of Florida receive is that the state does not tax their personal income. However, Georgia implements a progressive state income tax of between 1% and 5.75%, based on the income bracket. So, if one is supposed to be earning any kind of income in Georgia, then they would be subjected to this state tax. Besides, while there is no levy in Florida on the taxes to your income, out-of-state influence on Georgia’s income tax system might affect your financial planning when you move.

Cost of living

Data shows that Georgia offers an average cost of living just a bit below what someone could see in Florida. This comes in at an average monthly rent of $1,687, as compared to the average Florida rent, currently at $1,365. Therefore, this presents that $100 would have more purchasing power in Georgia, worth $104.20, from where it could stretch longer than the $97.90 it could do in Florida. This difference would seem to suggest that the other everyday kinds of spending, such as groceries, utilities, and transport, would also be at a lower level in Georgia.

Several dollar bills
Moving to Georgia from Florida? Know about the costs

Weather changes

Georgia has an even more varied climate compared to Florida’s all-tropical one. The Peach State clings to everything from oceanic in the northeast to humid subtropical in most areas. Summers are very hot in the state, and some are quite humid. Also, thunderstorms occur often in the south. Though the winters are moderate, the temperature rarely rises above freezing in most southerly parts. Snowfall is very rare in the southern parts of Georgia but quite normal in the mountainous areas of the north. This sharp contrast of seasonal temperatures actually gives people a totally different background from the relatively mild weather in Florida. It’s a much cooler and sometimes even more tolerable setup, especially up in the north and in the mountains of Georgia.

How to prepare for moving to Georgia from Florida?

Before looking for moving companies Florida to Georgia and relocating, create a checklist covering essential tasks such as decluttering, packing of belongings by deciding what to keep, donate, or discard, and using appropriate packing materials to protect items from damage during transit. Ensure you terminate all current utilities at your present location and set up connections at your new residence by contacting providers in both states. This may include electricity, water, gas, internet, among other utilities. You must also update the address for relevant entities, such as your banks, insurance providers, subscriptions, and even government agencies. Later on, forward the mail to the post office so that you can always receive your important correspondence, like before.

What to know when picking your moving companies Florida to Georgia

Looking for a smooth and reliable moving experience? Among the network of our companies, there are licensed and insured professionals ready to help. Of course, we ensure that the movers we provide are highly rated and reliable. When getting a few quotes to compare pricing and services offered, ensure the quotes given remain transparent in their estimates. Check if the cost of the move fits your budget and your needs. Make sure they have the knowledge and experience in that very type of move you are planning to do, be it local or long-distance, or moving oversized items. With Eagle Moving Group, you can be sure that finding the right movers is much easier.

Services you can get with Eagle Moving Group

There are many services that can ensure moving to Georgia from Florida goes by smoothly. From planning to execution, the companies we connect you with will handle every little aspect of your move with the highest professionalism and attention to detail. Customer satisfaction is an important factor for us. That’s why we work only with companies that put you as a customer in the number one spot. Here are the services you can count on us to find the right experts for, including:

A mover from one of the moving companies Florida to Georgia
Get the right services for your relocation

The best places to live in Georgia

Georgia has different top living destinations, each with its unique appeal. From big cities to rural areas in the state of Georgia, you will surely be able to find a welcoming home. Here are some of the most popular destinations you want to consider moving to GA from FL, including:

  • Alpharetta – A lively community with excellent amenities, making it prime for families and professionals
  • Athens – Provides a rich cultural scene and educational opportunities, catering to young residents and academics
  • Augusta – Known for The Masters golf tournament, historic charm, and a striving job market
  • Columbus – Great riverfront attractions
  • Marietta – Uniquely blends historical sites with modern urban development

Book your movers with our help

Looking for a company that can help you with logistics and planning? Then know that we at Eagle Moving Group should be the place to look for support when you want to find moving companies Florida to Georgia. Having a reliable moving broker like us can significantly ease this significant relocation. Are you prepared to take the leap? Then contact us today, and allow us to facilitate the move you deserve!

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