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Are you ready to exchange sandy beaches for skyscrapers and the Atlantic Ocean for the Hudson River? The trend of moving from Florida to New York is growing, and for good reason! As a trusted moving broker, Eagle Moving Group connects you with the best movers for your unique needs. Start your New York journey today with a call to our team!

Picture of the NYC skyline
Moving from Florida to New York has become a trend; are you ready to join in?

Why move from Florida to New York?

New York City alone boasts a population of over 8.4 million, almost half of Florida’s total population. Interestingly, that number is getting bigger by the day, with many Floridians joining the crowd. But why NY, you might ask? Well, the state’s economy outshines Florida’s, being a global hub for finance, media, and technology. Jobs in these industries often pay well, turning the median household income into a comfortable $70,000. But it’s not all work and no play. The state, with the Big Apple at its core, offers unparalleled entertainment options—from Broadway shows to the green oasis of Central Park.

Florida has its own perks, of course. The state is famous for its sunny climate and laid-back lifestyle. The median home cost in Florida is considerably lower than in New York, and the average rent isn’t too shabby either. However, more and more people find the appeal of the Empire State irresistible and are moving to NY from FL for its unique culture and lifestyle.

Florida vs New York

While Florida offers year-round sunshine, New York provides a genuine four-season experience, with each season adding a distinct charm to your life. Additionally, the recreational spots are different but equally enticing. Florida has beautiful beaches and Disney World, but New York offers places like the Adirondack Mountains and Coney Island. When it comes to the cost of living, the latter is definitely no winner. However, what you invest in cost, you often reap in opportunity.

So, as you think about your next life chapter, remember that moving brokers like Eagle Moving Group can make the transition more manageable. We don’t just connect you with any movers; we find the ones that suit your needs and fall within your budget, making sure you can focus on settling in post moving from FL to NY the right way!

Numbers don’t lie

Did you know that 40% of people move for job opportunities? While some are moving from New York to Florida, a growing number of individuals are choosing to head in the opposite direction. Statistics reveal that New York draws in people from all walks of life eager to tap into its rich job market and cultural amenities.

Picture of packed boxes
A growing number of people are moving to New York from Florida.

What to consider before making the move

Before packing up to move to NY from FL, there are a few things you should consider. First, set a budget for your move and your life in your new state. Also, if you’re moving with a family, watch for schools and educational opportunities. In New York, you’ll find a range of educational settings, from public schools to prestigious private institutions. And remember, cultural shifts can be exciting but also demanding. So, prepare for a rhythm that might be a bit faster than you’re used to in Florida.

How Eagle Moving Group makes your transition easier

Taking on the task of relocating can seem overwhelming, but that’s where Eagle Moving Group comes into play. We’re not a moving company; we’re a moving broker that connects you with the movers that fit you like a glove. Our selected network of professionals has been thoroughly vetted to ensure quality and reliability. This means you can fully concentrate on exploring your new life in the Empire State while we handle the logistics of getting you there.

The moving services providers we can connect you to are completely licensed and skilled. They offer:

Getting matched with the best pros is as easy as 1, 2, 3

You don’t have to jump over hoops to get yourself some quality moving assistance. Here’s what you are to do before you’re 100% ready to relocate from Florida to New York!

  • The first step in your journey is reaching out to us, either through our website or a simple phone call.
  • Next, our representatives discuss your needs. This helps us understand what you’re looking for and how best to assist you.
  • At this stage, we provide you with a no-obligation free estimate , thus making it possible for you to have better control of your finances.
  • Based on the information you’ve given us, we match you with a moving company from our trusted network. Rest assured, we consider factors such as budget, timing, and special requirements.
  • Once we identify a suitable match, we share the details with you. After your approval, we finalize the arrangements.
  • On a moving day, the company we’ve connected you with takes over. You can rest easy, knowing you’re in capable hands.
  • After the move is complete, your feedback is highly appreciated as it helps us maintain high-quality service. We are also here to assist with any post-move questions or concerns.

Through each of these steps, Eagle Moving Group aims to make your move from Florida to New York as smooth as possible, allowing you to focus on the exciting journey ahead.

Picture of a person getting ready for moving from Florida to New York
Hiring the right movers doesn’t have to take you days of research; let Eagle Moving Group take over and rest easy!

Moving from Florida to New York will open up a world of opportunities

After all is said and done, you can clearly see that New York offers a dynamic lifestyle filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Eagle Moving Group is here to help you take the plunge without the stress of sorting through dozens of moving companies. Don’t miss out on your New York dream. Contact us now and see for yourself that moving from Florida to New York can be enjoyable!

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