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Relocation from one state to another could be described as something uncertain, relatively stressful, and filled with challenges and preparation. However, when you have the right experts, then the move is smooth, hassle-free, and even enjoyable. This can be the case when moving from Florida to Ohio. Start your next chapter off right with reliable movers who know the road ahead and can cater to the exact services you need. With Eagle Moving Group, you can be sure you have the right movers for the job, because we will match you with some of the best moving companies. Contact us today, and let us help you out.

A mover with boxes around him helping you get ready for moving from Florida to Ohio
Let Eagle Moving Group help you find the right movers

Why trust Eagle Moving Group to find the right movers for you?

For anyone relocating from Florida to Ohio, Eagle Moving Group will find you the right reliable moving company. Our skilled staff specializes in putting you in touch with movers who are dependable, well-screened, and capable of managing your move both quickly and securely. We customize our recommendations by learning about your particular demands in order to make sure the ideal moving company meets your expectations in terms of price, time, and criteria. Eagle Moving Group offers you peace of mind by facilitating a smooth move and removing uncertainty and stress with our network of highly-regarded movers. You can rely on us for a seamless, dependable, and affordable moving experience, knowing that your possessions are in capable hands.

The main reasons to consider moving to Ohio from Florida

There are plenty of benefits that come with living in Ohio. That’s why Floridians often choose it as their next destination. To bring you closer to why this moving route is often picked, let’s go over some of the obvious reasons. From affordability to the climate, here are just some that you’ll surely feel from the moment you arrive.

Affordability stands out

Financially speaking, moving from Florida to Ohio would seem right due to the low cost of living. Ohio has a typical home price of about $179,700, which is $112,000 under the national average. On average, the rent for each month is much lower than in Florida. Columbus rents go for $1,184 each month, Cincinnati for $1,259 each month, and Cleveland for $1,316 each month on average. That is quite cheap, given the extremely high rent costs in most American cities. Will this be a reason for you to move here from Florida?

Experience all four seasons

If you move to Ohio from Florida, you will get to feel the four seasons in their entirety, which you just can’t feel in Florida. It mostly carries a warm subtropical climate, whereas this state includes beautifully snow-covered winters, pretty autumns with plenty of foliage, flowery springs, and sunny hot summers. Ohio’s temperature ranges from a low of 20°F to a high of about 85°F in the summer months. This variation allows the possibility of many seasonal activities: snow sports, ‘leaf-peeping’ in the fall, and an array of festivals during springtime.

A couple walking in snow
Moving from Florida to Ohio means you’ll experience different weather

Educational opportunities

Ohio presents excellent educational opportunities for those moving from Florida. It hosts numerous top-tier public schools and universities. The state has around 3,538 public schools, with an overall high school graduation rate of 85%. Higher education shines with institutions like Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Dayton. These colleges offer in-state tuition to Ohio residents and are recognized for their diverse academic programs and strong research.

The Midwestern hospitality

Soon after moving to Ohio from Florida, one is easily warmed up to the friendly ambiance of Midwestern hospitality in Ohio. The people who reside in the state have always been friendly, forever greeting each other with a warm hand or ready to lend one. What puts the community on the map are small towns that have everything from local festivals and neighborhood events to friendly conversations with strangers on the street. It is this very welcoming culture that newcomers to Ohio often point to when describing the place as open and approachable, and it is a big part of the new Midwestern way of life they find here.

Know how to prepare when moving from Florida to Ohio

Preparing for moving to OH from FL requires a clear plan to make your transition smooth. Start by decluttering to minimize the load and organizing important documents. Notify your utility providers and update your address with relevant organizations. Plan your travel route and accommodations if driving, or book flights in advance if flying. Good preparation will make your relocation from Florida to Ohio much easier and less stressful.

Reliable moving services are just a call away

In order to have a successful relocation, it’s necessary to have quality services. Thankfully, you can find all that you need with us at Eagle Moving Group. Before moving from FL to OH, here are some of the services that you can find with our assistance, including:

A mover you found with Eagle Moving Group packing books
Find all the help you need with us

Contact us to simplify your move

As you can see, Ohio offers many benefits that make moving worthwhile. From its rich cultural heritage to growing industries, Ohio presents different opportunities. Moving from Florida to Ohio is no small task, and selecting the right moving assistance is crucial for a smooth transition. Eagle Moving Group can connect you with reliable, budget-friendly movers to ease the journey. Ready to start your new life? Make sure to contact us now to get matched with the best moving professionals available!

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