Moving to Florida: How to Prepare?

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The state of Florida offers more than just year-round sunshine and pristine beaches; it’s a place with diverse communities and growing opportunities. Moving to Florida can seem daunting, but it transforms into an exciting prospect with the right preparation. Whether you’re drawn by the thriving job market, the retirement communities, or the tropical lifestyle, each corner of Florida has something unique to offer. From the lively streets of Miami to the peaceful shores of the Gulf Coast, moving here promises a fresh start in a dynamic environment. In case you are looking for the best moving broker in this area to help you find the right movers, Eagle Moving Group is the best solution! Get ready for the change and dive into the planning process with these helpful tips and insights on making your move successful!

Learn about Florida before making the move

Florida presents an appealing option for many looking to relocate. It is characterized by its mild climate and amazing culture. With a cost of living that is 2% lower than the national average, Florida offers affordability that is attractive to families, retirees, and professionals. The average home value in the state is $397,137, providing diverse housing options from beachfront properties to suburban homes.

A city building during the night
Florida offers diverse activities, from beach outings to exploring national parks like the Everglades.

A range of public and private institutions supports education in Florida. The state’s commitment to education is evident in its variety of top-rated schools and universities, including the University of Florida and Florida State University, which are well-regarded for their research programs and academic excellence. Healthcare in Florida is also a significant advantage, with numerous highly rated hospitals and research facilities such as Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and Tampa General Hospital. These institutions are known for advanced medical care and specialized services. The job market is another strong point, especially in major cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. These cities are tourism, healthcare, and technology hubs, offering many job opportunities. The average salary in Florida is $48,966, which supports a comfortable lifestyle given the state’s affordable cost of living.

Moreover, Florida’s lifestyle is one of its biggest draws, featuring many outdoor activities, cultural events, and entertainment. Residents can enjoy everything from world-class beaches and water sports to theme parks and nightlife. However, it’s important to prepare for the weather, particularly hurricane season, which can impact life and property from June to November.

Understand the type of move you are undertaking

Moving can be broadly categorized into local moving and long-distance moving, each presenting its own challenges and requirements. A local move is typically defined as relocating within the same city or region, generally not exceeding a radius of 50 miles. These moves are often more straightforward, as they require less time and logistics compared to long-distance moves. The cost of local moves is usually calculated based on the number of hours it takes to complete the move, with most local moving companies charging an hourly rate. This makes it essential for the movers to work efficiently to keep costs manageable.

A moving box on a bed
Moving is a serious step in one’s life, wherever you decide to move.

On the other hand, long distance moving involves relocating to a different city or state and is often over 50 miles from the original location. These moves are more complex, involving detailed planning and higher costs. Long-distance movers typically charge based on the weight of the items being moved and the total distance covered. This type of move requires significant coordination, often involving detailed inventory lists, long-haul driving, and timing coordination to ensure belongings arrive safely and on schedule.

For both types of moves, selecting a reputable moving company is crucial. It ensures your belongings are handled professionally and arrive at their new destination safely. Proper planning, early packing, and organizing can help reduce the stress associated with moving. With good planning and moving services, you will be completing this move in no time.

What affects moving costs?

Moving estimates or moving quotes help you and the mover get an idea of the cost of the move. Generally speaking, a moving company will evaluate a few factors and come up with the cost of the move once everything is set and done.

  • Distance: The length of your move significantly impacts cost.
  • Volume and weight of items: More items or heavier items mean higher costs. The weight affects fuel consumption and the effort required to move.
  • Packing services: Opting for professional packing services adds to the bill. However, it ensures your belongings are safely secured, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Access issues: Difficulty in accessing your home, like narrow roads or multiple flights of stairs, can increase costs due to the extra labor required.
  • Insurance: Adding full-value protection costs more than basic coverage but provides comprehensive protection against loss or damage.
  • Timing: Moving during peak seasons, such as summer or the beginning and end of the month, usually costs more due to higher demand.
  • Additional services: Special handling for items like pianos or antiques, storage needs, and assembling furniture can also affect the final cost.

Being aware of these factors allows you to ask the right questions when hiring residential or commercial movers Florida and potentially find ways to reduce expenses, such as decluttering before the move or choosing a less busy moving date. Planning and getting multiple quotes can help you find the best service within your budget.


Moving boxes
How much will relocating to the Sunshine State cost you?

Updating legal documents when moving to Florida

When you decide to move to Florida and find the right interstate moving services, it’s crucial to update your legal documents promptly. This includes obtaining a new driver’s license and vehicle registration and updating your voting registration. Florida law requires new residents to register their vehicles and secure a Florida driver’s license within 30 days of establishing residency.

To start this process, visit the official Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website, where you can find all the necessary forms and detailed instructions. Make sure to have proof of your Florida residency, identity, and Social Security number on hand when applying. Updating your voting registration will ensure you can participate in local, state, and federal elections without issue. Handling these legal requirements quickly after your move will help you easily settle into your new community.

Understanding Florida’s insurance needs

In Florida, understanding your insurance needs is crucial due to the state’s unique environmental challenges, particularly floods and hurricanes. Homeowners and renters should ensure their policies cover these specific risks. Often, standard insurance does not cover flood damage, so it might be necessary to purchase separate flood insurance.

Given Florida’s hurricane history, consider policies that also cover wind damage. Review your options carefully for health insurance to prevent any coverage gaps when moving states. This is vital as local insurance markets and available plans can vary significantly. Taking these steps ensures you are protected against the financial impacts of natural disasters and health emergencies. Always consult a local insurance agent who can provide tailored advice based on your needs and the area’s risk profile. This proactive approach will help you enjoy your new home with peace of mind.

A mover next to a truck
Before moving to Florida, there are many things to consider.

Getting to know your new community

After booking residential moving services and moving to Florida, getting to know your community is key to feeling connected and settled. Start by exploring local landmarks and parks, which can be great places to relax and meet people. Trying out local restaurants and cafes supports the economy and gives you a taste of the regional flavors and specialties. Visit community centers and libraries to learn about events and activities that you can join. These places often offer classes or clubs that can match your interests, helping you meet like-minded individuals.

Make an effort to meet your neighbors, too. Introducing yourself can open doors to friendships and provide insights into living in the area. They can offer practical advice, from the best grocery stores to managing local weather conditions. Attending local events, such as fairs, markets, or sports games, can also help integrate you into the community. Engaging actively with your new surroundings will enrich your experience and help transform your new living place into a home!

A family moving into their new house
Get to know your new neighbors and community!

Enjoying Florida

Once you’ve settled in Florida, you’ll find a wealth of activities and attractions catering to various interests and lifestyles. Here’s a list of must-visit places and must-do activities that will enrich your experience in the Sunshine State:

  • Explore theme parks: Florida is world-known for its extensive range of theme parks. Walt Disney World in Orlando is a must for families and theme park enthusiasts. Also, consider Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Legoland for complete entertainment experiences.
  • Visit beaches: With over 1,350 miles of coastline, Florida offers some of the best beaches in the United States. Clearwater Beach and Siesta Key are famous for their fine, white sands and crystal-clear waters.
  • Discover the Everglades: Take an airboat tour through Everglades National Park to see unique wildlife, such as the American alligator and the Florida panther.
  • Enjoy arts and culture: Visit the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg to view an extensive collection of Salvador Dali’s works. Miami’s Wynwood Walls, a display of street art by world-renowned artists, is also worth exploring.
  • Indulge in local cuisine: Try fresh stone crab, a local delicacy, or indulge in a Cuban sandwich in Miami.
  • Engage in water sports: The state’s vast waterways offer excellent opportunities for water sports. Kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing are popular in places like the Florida Keys or the Gulf Coast.
  • Experience local festivals: Florida’s calendar is packed with festivals year-round, offering insights into local culture and traditions. Don’t miss the Florida Strawberry Festival or the colorful Gasparilla Pirate Festival.
A person holding Universal Studios ticket after moving to Florida
Take the time to visit Florida’s renowned attractions!

Moving to Florida is a thing worth considering!

Moving to Florida is a chance to enjoy life in a sunny place with lots of different things to do and see. As you settle in, remember to update your important papers, check your insurance for the area, and take part in local events. Doing these things will help you fit in better and make the most of living in Florida. There’s always something new to explore, from its famous beaches to its lively cities. So, as you start your new life here, get ready to discover, connect, and enjoy your new home under the bright Florida sun. Welcome to a fun and exciting lifestyle in Florida!

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