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Moving between states can be stressful, challenging, and full of uncertainty. But what if you could make it smooth, hassle-free, and even enjoyable? Moving to Texas from Florida is a significant life decision, and it deserves the best support—Eagle Moving Group. Start your next chapter the right way; get connected to the most reliable movers today!

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Moving to TX from FL with adequate support turns the process from troublesome to enjoyable. Reach out now to learn more!

Why are people moving to Texas from Florida?

Year after year, more people opt for the change, drawn by Texas’s allure. According to moving statistics, thousands have already relocated, seeking a fresh start. So why the sudden love for this state? Some cite its booming job market; others mention the friendly communities and the affordable cost of living tempt many as well.

Comparing the two states

Sure, Florida has its merits; approximately 21 million people love the sunny beaches, and theme parks like Disney World have a global fan following. However, if we dig deeper, Texas holds a few trump cards.

Texas is home to around 29 million people, creating a vibrant and diverse community. Additionally, the Lone Star State boasts a more robust economy. While Florida focuses mainly on tourism and healthcare, the latter offers a versatile economy with solid roots in technology, healthcare, and particularly energy.

Here’s something to catch your eye: the median household income. In Florida, you’re looking at approximately $61,000, but in Texas, it rises to around $67,000. That’s not a number to ignore, especially if planning long-term.

What’s more, if you’re thinking about housing, Texas has got Florida beat. The median home cost here is about $302,000, compared to the Sunshine State’s $392,000. A more affordable housing market usually means getting a larger property for less money. Also, our trusted network of moving companies can help you transport your belongings securely to your new home following your relocation from FL to TX, further diminishing your costs.

Entertainment options? Texas certainly doesn’t lack in this department and offers everything from classic country music to a wide range of outdoor activities. And don’t get us started on the divine BBQ! Also, if you’re relocating from Florida, famous for its beaches and water sports, you’ll find that the other state provides many recreational spots, making it a seamless transition for outdoor enthusiasts.

The economic advantage of moving from FL to TX

When it comes to the economic aspect, the Lone Start State doesn’t disappoint either. The state has no income tax, a perk that Floridians are already accustomed to. Additionally, the area provides abundant job opportunities, especially in fast-growing sectors like technology, healthcare, and energy. If you’re seeking financial stability and growth, this is definitely a promising destination.

Picture of buildings in Downtown Austin
The economy is more robust in Texas.

Make your move easy with our help

We understand that moving to TX from FL revolves around you changing your life from the ground up. You’re in for some adjusting, that’s for sure. So, why not let us turn the adjustment period into a smooth ride? We’ll connect you with moving services worthy of you and your time, making it possible to focus on nothing but fitting in in your new state sooner rather than later!

You can count on us to match you with a provider of:

Don’t worry if something you need help with is not on this list; reach out, and we’ll do our best to find a perfect solution. Plus, you can even get a free estimate to plan your budget effectively.

Why choose a moving broker

A broker’s role is to simplify your move by connecting you with reputable moving companies that facilitate Florida to Texas relocations. We’re here to make sure you have access to moving services that fit your specific needs without the hassle of researching and vetting various companies. Let us do the heavy lifting of sorting through qualified movers so you can focus on embracing your new Texas lifestyle.


What are the legal requirements for establishing residency in Texas?

To establish residency in Texas, you must reside in the state for at least 30 days and show proof of residency, such as a utility bill or a lease agreement. Once you meet these requirements, you can apply for a driver’s license, which you should do within 90 days of moving to the state.

How does the Texas climate compare to Florida’s, and what should I prepare for?

Although both states are warm, Texas has a more varied climate. While the Sunshine State has a tropical climate with high humidity, the Lone Star one ranges from humid in the east to dry in the west. Prepare for hotter summers if you’re moving to cities like Austin or Dallas, and consider the drier air if you’re headed west. Make sure to consult with movers who are experienced in local conditions; they can guide you on how best to pack and protect your belongings for your move to Texas from Florida.

Are there any restrictions or regulations for moving pets?

Yes. Texas requires dogs and cats to have a valid rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. Additionally, there may be some breed-related restrictions that may vary from region to region, so do your due diligence and research these ahead of time. Also, when coordinating your move with a moving broker like us, specify if you have pets so we can connect you with professionals who offer pet relocation services.

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The process of moving to Texas from Florida raises many questions.

Moving from Florida to Texas will be a memorable adventure with Eagle Moving Group

As you can see, Texas offers numerous benefits that make the move worthwhile. From a robust economy to a vibrant culture, Texas is not merely a state—it’s a place of opportunities. Moving to Texas from Florida is not a small feat, and to make it as smooth as possible, it’s crucial to choose the proper moving assistance. Luckily, Eagle Moving Group will connect you with the most reliable and cost-effective movers. Ready to make it to your new home? Contact us now and get matched with the best professionals there are!

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