Must-Know Tips for Military Families Moving to Washington State

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Moving is not something to take for granted, which rings even more true for military families. Yes, they might be more used to moving around, but don’t be fooled—each move takes its toll. And how wouldn’t it? After all, there’s the whole story of finding a new home, settling into a different community every once in a while, and ensuring the entire family’s comfort during the process. In short, if you’re part of a military family about to leave their current home, be sure that nobody wants to be in your shoes. Still, you don’t have to lose your mind during the upheaval. To help you keep your sanity, we’ve gathered some practical tips. While they are primarily aimed at military families moving to Washington state from Florida, there are a few things here and there that you can apply, even if you’re moving elsewhere!

Tips military families moving to Washington state absolutely need

Perhaps this is your first time moving since you or your partner joined the army. Or you’ve been down this road before but have stayed put so long that you seem to have forgotten how to approach the whole relocation. Don’t worry! Coming your way are tips & tricks that will help you get through this challenging period without losing your mind!

#1 Research your housing options

When preparing to move to Washington state for military service, it’s essential to research what housing options exist around the military bases. After all, this step lays the groundwork for a smooth move. To be more specific, look at regions around Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Naval Base Kitsap, and Fairchild Air Force, as one of these is where you or your partner will be stationed. Then, choose a neighborhood based on your family’s needs, focusing on location, school quality, and commute times while at it.

Woman using maps on a tablet
Check the available locations and choose wisely.

If, at any point during the process, you start feeling overwhelmed, don’t forget that local resources and forums offer perspectives shared by other military families who have undergone these transitions. So, don’t shy away from picking their brains and carefully research your housing options by visiting online real estate websites as much in advance as you can. That way, you can make arrangements for comfortable and convenient living in the area without the added pressure. As a bonus, should you choose it, a moving company from Boynton Beach can help you with the moving tasks, leaving you with a lighter mind and plenty of time to take care of the house-hunting.

#2 Get the most out of the favorable tax policy, but examine it beforehand!

Military families have some substantial financial advantages in Washington state. And by financial advantages, we are mainly referring to the fact that, here, salaries aren’t taxed. That’s right; no state income tax means more money in your pocket! In addition, army wages are exempt from taxation by the civil authorities, which means you get further relief this way! Still, make it your mission to get fully familiar with other state policies concerning taxes before you take further steps relocation-wise. Only once you have them all figured out should you contact military movers in Boynton Beach and begin preparing for the move.

# 3 Research schools and childcare

When moving to new duty stations near military bases in WA, adequate research into nearby schools and childcare homes is fundamental. Begin by targeting schools with excellent academic programs and extracurricular activities. Seek childcare centers that correspond to your work schedule and provide a safe environment for your children.

Classroom with pupils and a teacher
Military families moving to Washington state should check the educational options for their children.

Also, consider contacting other military families to ask for advice, visit the schools in person, and review their reviews or rankings. Make an effort to look into these prior to moving from Florida to Seattle or any other place within Washington state. After all, the future of your children’s education may depend greatly on it!

#4 Explore different moving assistance programs

Moving is tough for military families. We know it, you know it, and even the government and military know it. That’s why certain military move assistance programs exist. Various programs are available for those whose family members are in the military, including the Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE). TLE helps you with accommodations and food during your relocation. Furthermore, there may be additional financial support projects available that cover anything from the costs of reinstalling household goods to shipping people’s cars, and some even provide a dislocation allowance. Taking advantage of these resources means you’ll receive the financial help you need, relieving some of that pressure brought on by moving from Florida to Washington state. Familiarize yourself with these to get the most out of them and make your military move as inexpensive and easygoing as possible.

#5 Do your best to adjust to the weather

Picture this: you’ve successfully made it to WA, assisted by cross country movers in Florida. You’ve brought only light clothes because, well, the weather in Florida is warm, tropical. With so many things to tackle regarding the actual relocation, it hasn’t crossed your mind that the weather in Washington would be, well…different. To prevent this from actually happening, you must prepare for the change in weather. The climate here greatly differs from that in the Sunshine State. You may not know this, but in Washington, it rains a lot. And by a lot, we mean a lot! So, invest in rain gear, waterproof clothing, and layers to stay warm under the cooler temperatures. Don’t forget waterproof shoes for those rainy days as well. Also, be sure your home is well-insulated and the heating is working well; you’ll need it to deal with the colder winters.

Child hopping on water puddle
Do your best to prepare for rainy days.

#6 Help your spouse get a job through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership

In Washington, job opportunities are abundant. The tech industry, along with healthcare and education, needs many hands to help them get the work done. This means either you or your spouse, depending on who’s enrolled in the military, will be able to find their place in the area. But for even greater chances of finding a proper job, why not tap into the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP)? MSEP enables military spouses to access employment assistance resources that aren’t available to everyone, including job postings and career guidance. Using MSEP, all while seeking support from the local employment agencies, can help spouses find rewarding work that perfectly fits their abilities.

Moving is hard; it gets better, though!

If you are one of the military families moving to Washington state or are about to move, the whole process will undoubtedly feel like a big step. While that is true, know that it’s actually a big step filled with promise and excitement. It’s normal for the initial phase to be a bit challenging as you adjust to new surroundings and routines. But don’t worry, you’re not in this alone. With your family by your side, working together, and staying connected, you’ll find that what seems daunting at first will soon become part of your everyday life. And once you’ve settled in, Washington state opens up as a playground for adventure and discovery. So, keep your spirits up and look forward to the days ahead when you’ll create new memories and enjoy all the unique experiences this beautiful state offers!

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