Real Estate Apps and Resources for Florida Residents on the Move

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Let’s dive into real estate apps and resources for Florida residents on the move. Different states have different types of homes, and technology is changing how we find and buy them. Moving brokers in Florida are here to help you determine which apps and resources can make finding, buying, and settling into a new home easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a home for the first time or if you’ve done it before; these tools are meant to make your out-of-state smooth and successful.


Zillow is a super helpful guide for finding homes for when you are moving from Florida to Seattle, or anywhere else for that matter. It has many listings from all over the country, not just in Florida. So, if you’re thinking of relocating for a job, lifestyle, or any other reason, Zillow gives you plenty of options to choose from in your new state.

A woman lifting a big box after relying on the real estate apps and resources for Florida residents on the move.
Real estate apps and resources for Florida residents on the move can be handy when relocating.

Zillow enables you to conduct searches in multiple locations simultaneously. This allows easy comparison of homes and prices across different neighborhoods or even between two cities in distant parts of the country. Additionally, Zillow’s advanced 3D Home tours provide a property exploration experience through panoramic images, user-friendly navigation, and floor-plan views. is a fantastic real estate app with lots of homes for you to check out all over the U.S. Thanks to its 3D features, similar to what you can find on Zillow, you can see what a home looks like without actually being there. Being able to explore homes from far away makes picking the right one a lot easier. What’s more, the property profiles give you information that is relevant to your preferences. This can be anything, from noise level in the neighborhood to safety considerations. Furthermore, the option to link your account with a spouse or roommate makes searching for your next home even simpler.


Redfin is a good choice if you’re moving from Florida to California because it covers lots of different states and gives you updates in real-time. The real-time updates are like getting instant news about price changes and if a property is still available. This is incredibly important when you’re moving to a new state because you want to know what’s happening right away.

A woman writing fragile on the box
Redfin is a good choice because it gives you updates in real time.

Also, you can schedule a tour, whether virtual or in-person, directly through the app with a Redfin agent. The app displays the upcoming tour times. For added safety and comfort during the pandemic, there are contactless meeting options available. is an excellent option for people looking for homes because it has listings in all 50 states. What makes special is that it lets you customize your search using different filters. So, if you want a home with specific features, in a certain price range, or a particular place, helps you find just what you’re looking for. It’s like having a personal assistant for your home search, making it simpler for you to find the perfect place anywhere in the United States.

Mortgage calculators for interstate moves

When you’re moving to another state with long distance movers Florida is home to, it’s really important to have good mortgage calculators to help with your financial planning. Apps like Zillow Mortgage Calculator and Mortgage are innovative tools that do more than just basic math. They allow you to figure out how much you’ll pay monthly for your mortgage, check different loan options, and even consider things like property taxes and insurance.


SmartAsset is helpful for those moving to a new state because it has a calculator that looks at different state tax laws. This is handy because taxes can affect how much money you need for your move.

A couple securing a box while packing for a move
SmartAsset has a calculator that looks at different state tax laws.

Legal resources for interstate moves

Knowing the legal implications when moving interstate is super important. Apps like LegalZoom and Avvo can help with that. These apps connect you with legal professionals who know all about the laws for moving between states. They help you understand the rules in different areas, look over contracts, and make sure everything is legal and transparent.

American Moving & Storage Association

The American Moving & Storage Association is a must-have resource for everyone about to settle hundreds of miles away from Florida. This association knows all about the rights and responsibilities you have when you’re relocating. They’re experts in legal documentation, ensuring everything is done correctly for an easy move. If you check out their guidelines, you can understand the rules better and know what to expect on the road and once you’ve arrived at the final destination.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website comes in handy for those swapping states. For instance, it features a checklist that gives you step-by-step tips for planning and picking a good moving company. This checklist covers all the crucial things you must consider before hitting the road. Following these tips makes your move safer and more reliable. However, it also helps you prevent mid-transit problems and helps you feel more confident about your interstate relocation.

Which real estate apps and resources for Florida residents on the move will you be using?

Moving to another state is a big deal requiring careful thinking about homes, money, and rules. But don’t worry; there are real estate apps and resources for Florida residents on the move that can help make everything easier. Apps like Zillow,, and have plenty of property listings available that make it simple to pick out the favorite. What’s more, mortgage calculators from Zillow and SmartAsset help you plan your finances well. Of course, these are only a few apps that can prove useful during relocation. There are plenty of more out there, so feel free to shop around to find the one that suits you the best.

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