The 10 Most Overlooked Details When Planning a Florida Move

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Florida, with its picturesque beaches and one-of-a-kind culture, is a dream relocation spot for many. However, as with any major move, there are intricacies to consider. Often, it’s the overlooked details when planning a Florida move that can turn a seamless transition into a challenging experience. While enlisting the help of professional Florida movers can undoubtedly ease the process, there’s more to know. Let’s dive into some of these often-missed nuances.

#1 Understanding Florida’s climate

Florida boasts a subtropical climate that draws in countless visitors annually. Still, potential residents coming to the state with the long distance movers need to take into account more than just sunshine. For instance, the state’s hurricane season, which typically lasts from June to November, can be unpredictable. Statistics show that the state has experienced over 500 hurricanes, with around 120 hitting it directly. So, when scheduling your move, it’s wise to avoid these months. Furthermore, the Sunshine State’s high humidity can impact certain items. For instance, wooden furniture or artwork may warp if not packed with humidity-resistant materials.

Picture of flowers in the sun
Florida is famous for its sunny weather. However, did it also know it struggles with hurricanes?

#2 Registering your vehicle

Transitioning to another point, Florida has specific requirements regarding vehicle registration. New residents have 30 days to register their vehicles from the date they

  • Begin working,
  • Enroll children in school, or
  • Establish residency.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to bring proof of Florida auto insurance, ID, and any out-of-state titles. For those unaccustomed to the process, a visit to the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may initially feel intimidating. However, with the necessary documents in hand, it becomes relatively straightforward.

#3 Updating your estate planning documents

Now, here’s something everyone often neglects: estate planning. Each state has different laws, and the one brimming with sunshine is no exception. For instance, did you know that a will executed in another region might not necessarily meet Florida’s legal requirements? That’s right! While it’s true that many wills from other states are valid here, there might be provisions that the local law doesn’t recognize. Thus, consulting with a local legal expert can save you potential heartaches down the line.

#4 Pest control measures for your new home

Another crucial factor many forget is the state’s rich biodiversity, especially when it comes to pests. As those who have already moved to the area with the help of local movers have noticed, Florida homes can be a magnet for pests ranging from ants to larger nuisances like rodents. Before settling in, it’s always recommended to conduct a thorough pest inspection. Reports show that local residents spend millions annually on pest control, emphasizing its importance. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure here, as a pest-free home ensures a comfortable start to your new life.

#5 Researching local taxes

Switching gears to finances, Florida offers significant tax benefits. For starters, residents enjoy the perk of no state income tax. However, that doesn’t mean taxes aren’t levied elsewhere. Property taxes, for instance, can vary significantly from one county to another. The city of Miami, for example, has an average property tax rate of 1.02%, whereas Jacksonville boasts a slightly lower rate of 0.94%. It’s essential to get acquainted with these rates, as well as any other potential fees specific to your locality, to avoid unforeseen expenses.

Picture of a paper in a typewriter with the phrase 'tax return' written on it
Property taxes are high in Florida.

#6 Navigating Florida’s unique wildlife

The vast array of wildlife in the Sunshine State is both a wonder and a challenge. From mesmerizing bird species to the occasional alligator in the backyard, new residents often find themselves in awe of their surroundings. However, it’s worth noting that the state is home to more than 1 million alligators. Consequently, it’s paramount to understand where these creatures frequent and how to coexist safely. For those near freshwater, remember, alligators love it too. So, always inspect swimming areas and avoid walking pets near the water at dusk or dawn.

#7 Water safety and home preparations are overlooked details when planning a Florida move

Transitioning to a related issue, water safety is of utmost importance in the area. Besides the natural water bodies, Florida frequently grapples with flooding. According to FEMA, several counties here, including Miami-Dade and Monroe, are identified as high-risk flood zones. So, before settling into a new home, inspect for previous water damage or potential flood risks. For belongings that you’d like to keep safe from such unforeseen damages, opting for storage services that aerial companies provide might be wise. They offer a protective environment, ensuring that cherished items remain unscathed, come what may.

#8 Changing your healthcare preferences

On the health front, as you prepare for a local move, it’s essential to get acquainted with Florida’s healthcare landscape. While renowned for some of the nation’s top hospitals, the state also has regions where medical services aren’t as available. According to a study by the Commonwealth Fund, Florida ranks 41st out of 50 states in healthcare access and affordability. As a result, it’s crucial to pinpoint nearby hospitals, primary care providers, and specialists before completing your move. If specific treatments or medications are part of your routine, confirm their availability in the vicinity.

#9 Familiarizing yourself with evacuation routes

In terms of safety, natural disasters are an ever-present reality in the area. With hurricanes posing annual threats, awareness of evacuation routes becomes non-negotiable. Astonishingly, one survey found that 50% of Floridians don’t have an established emergency evacuation plan. Don’t be one of those people! Instead, put acquainting yourself with the nearest evacuation zones, routes, and shelters at the top of your to-do list. In addition, some local authorities provide detailed maps and guidance that allow residents to have a clear path to safety during critical times.

#10 Adapting to the Florida lifestyle

While many move to Florida for its captivating allure, integrating into its diverse lifestyle is an adventure in itself. The state is a hotspot of cultures, boasting rich traditions, festivals, and community events. The Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, for instance, is a testament to the state’s lively Hispanic culture. Embracing such local flavors not only enriches personal experiences but also fosters connections within the community. Additionally, the laid-back beach culture, with places like Key West offering sun, sand, and relaxation, contrasts the urban centers. Understanding and appreciating these dynamics can aid in making the Sunshine State truly feel like home.

Picture of a person on the beach
The lifestyle is one of the most often overlooked details when planning a Florida move.

The overlooked details when planning a Florida move aren’t so tricky with the right plan

It should be clear by now that a successful relocation to the Sunshine State requires more than just logistical preparation. However, many eager newcomers tend to skip over the nuances that can make or break their transition. From considering the unpredictable weather patterns to understanding the unique lifestyle, these overlooked details when planning a Florida move are quintessential for a smooth transition. As the adage goes, the devil is in the details. Therefore, those gearing up to call Florida home should give due diligence to these often-missed aspects to ensure their move is as enjoyable as the state’s famed beaches.

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