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When you decide to move your business from Florida, it will be a big step. There are plenty of factors that need to be aligned. However, one thing is certain. We at Eagle Moving Group will be able to match you up with top-notch commercial movers who will at least make the moving process easy. However, where should you move to? Let’s go over some important details you want to take into account.

The main reasons to move your business from Florida

Before we go to the destinations, it’s important to know why companies decide to leave Florida. Even with all its benefits, there are certain downsides that are necessary to know about. For that reason, let’s review some details that can help you decide to relocate your business out of Florida.

Coworkers at a meeting discussing the location of where to move your business from Florida
Know the reasons you’re moving out of Florida

Risk of hurricanes

Florida has a high-risk factor for hurricanes. Last year brought a particularly active Atlantic hurricane season, one noted by NOAA and the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Florida bore the major brunt of high-end Cat 3 Hurricane Idalia, bringing to the fore the vast risks that such severe storms pose to businesses in the region. Apart from hampering business operations, they often lead to massive property damage and revenue loss. Furthermore, the outlook for future seasons has them still in a hurricane-prone zone, with predictions ranging due to factors like El Niño and warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures that may power more vicious storms. This perpetual risk makes it necessary for companies to consider moving to areas with less danger of disasters to save their assets and continue operations.

Climate change impacts

The significant threat from climate change to Florida businesses is a strengthening relocation decision. The leading causes of such changes are colossal in nature, and Florida has been through various environmental changes throughout the last few decades. Climate change and increased temperatures ultimately impact the ecosystem and human activity. One of the noted great concerns is the rise of the sea level, projecting from the current scenario for the year 2040, which will indicate very critical conditions and rising frequencies of flooding. This would threaten coastal infrastructure and worsen the risks of property and economic damage across the state. Besides, Florida’s temperature has escalated significantly, and new state records have been made. Such conditions may hinder outdoor work and increase businesses’ operational costs, especially for those relying on physical work and certain outdoor conditions.

The limited talent pool in certain industries

This situation can drive companies to begin thinking about relocations. The labor market in Florida was showing signs of tightness since, by number, only 53 people were available against every 100 available positions by number. Higher labor demand in the Florida market translated into an increment in the number of people registering for employment, especially those within the professional and business services sectors. This sector includes legal services, scientific research, and the rest, where the contrast between jobs offered and people capable of doing them is stark. The state’s technology industry also grapples with a severe labor shortage of workers capable of offering high-tech skills. To the level that it threatens huge economic implications, it might lose billions if the same are not countered through improved recruitment and retention strategies.

A woman at a job interview
Florida might not have the workforce you need to continue operations

High competition in certain sectors

The intense competition within certain sectors is a major reason why businesses might consider relocating. For example, the large professional and business services category is highly competitive. Industries such as real estate face stiff competition, considering the attraction associated with Florida as a place for residence and holidays. Demand thus remains high, but at the same time, it attracts competition from other companies.

Where to move your business from Florida?

Plenty of US states can stand out for their business climate. When relocating from Florida, besides cross country movers Florida companies trust, you’ll want to have your next in mind and be sure you want to move there. Here are some of the states we think should be on your list, including:

  • California
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington
  • Colorado
  • North Carolina
  • Tennesseee


California continues to draw business from Florida because it offers several key competitive advantages. Diversified in technology, entertainment, and agriculture, California provides one of the best economic environments and a land with many business opportunity expansions. The commitment to innovation in California is supported by an ecosystem of powerhouse universities, leading research institutions, and the best workforce anywhere. California is also the best breeding ground for new ideas and entrepreneurship.

In addition, the state supports businesses in programs and initiatives developed for their promotion. That further contributes to facilitating moving and expanding businesses. However, there are more reasons why to consider moving from Florida to California for your company. California offers an array of resource assistance and business regulatory landscapes to help seize economic opportunity.

Buildings in Downton LA
Do you plan to move your business from Florida? California can be the ideal place for you


Texas’ ability to attract businesses from Florida currently lies in its solid economic atmosphere and favorable business climate. It is famous for having a ‘No Personal or Corporate Income Tax’ policy, which makes the cost of operation relatively low and quite profitable for organizations. The state also offers these tax benefits, complemented by a wide range of economic incentives designed to enhance the growth and development of businesses.

The other major draw to Texas is the workforce. For many companies, that’s enough for moving to Texas from Florida and starting work in the new location. It is relatively diversified, huge, and very skilled. Most of its institutions of higher learning rank among the top, contributing to the pool of diversity and immense talent the institutions churn out in many industries, from technology to healthcare.

New York

New York presents opportunities for businesses considering relocation from Florida. The state is renowned for its great market, diverse consumer base, and significant presence in the finance, media, technology, and fashion industries. These sectors offer abundant networking opportunities and potential for growth, making New York an attractive business hub.

Moreover, the state’s strategic location on the East Coast provides excellent connectivity to both national and international markets, enhancing trade opportunities. When moving from Florida to New York, your company will receive plenty of benefits. Major airports, ports, and a comprehensive public transportation network facilitate business operations and logistics, which can be particularly advantageous for companies involved in global trade or those requiring frequent travel.


Illinois has started to look increasingly like the perfect state for a company to move your business from Florida. They have a lot to offer in terms of incentives for all types of businesses. Celebrated for its central location, Illinois provides excellent accessibility to vast national and global markets through huge transportation networks, including major highways, airports, and freight railroads. For that reason, moving to Chicago from Florida might be the right choice for your business. This strategic location supports efficient logistics and distribution operations.

Illinois’s business environment is shown by an extreme economic climate supported by highly ranked infrastructure and education. Illinois commits to business through competitive incentives and supportive policies for firms, offering a package of several tax credits and grants for corporations that expand and invest in the state.

Illinois continues to be the base for a world-class workforce of highly talented professionals prepared at some of the nation’s top-tier universities through significant investment in workforce development. The state’s educational institutions provide a highly educated labor pool, serving business needs for sophisticated skills, particularly in technology, manufacturing, and biotechnology.

Another strength complementing Illinois is its diversified economy, which includes significant agribusiness, energy, and information technology industries, among many other significant industrial sectors that offer plenty of business innovation and growth opportunities.

View from above of Chicago
Consider Illinois when you move your business from Florida


One crucial reason for any Florida business to consider Massachusetts might be the long list of innovation focus and startup support characteristics that define the state and, above all, the dynamic ecosystem for emerging technology and business models in Massachusetts.

The state is also known for its qualified workforce because many esteemed universities and colleges support a highly skilled labor force. This educational environment that nurtures talent attracts businesses based on very specialized knowledge or skills.

Massachusetts is a welcoming business environment that fosters initiatives to assist companies at different stages of development. For many companies, moving from Florida to Massachusetts will be the right choice. Resources and services, like MassEcon, help firms locate the best community to grow their business in the state and gain access to valuable resources.

Furthermore, the state’s historical and cultural atmosphere contributes to its people’s living standards. It can even attract businesses that seek to offer their employees a great community setting. These combine innovation, education, and quality of life to make Massachusetts a beautiful choice for businesses looking to move and succeed in an entirely new environment.


Washington State entices businesses to establish a base with its alluring benefits. The state guarantees that income taxes will not be imposed on the earnings of individuals or businesses, resulting in more seamless financial transactions as profits soar. However, there are other pros of moving from Florida to Washington State and setting up your company here. In order to create a stable and contented workforce, the state primarily supports this in a diverse economic environment by implementing progressive policies that apply to a wide range of industries, setting competitive minimum wages, and designing an unemployment insurance program that is available to everyone.

Additionally, because of its advantageous location along the Pacific Rim, Washington has quick access to the strong infrastructure of the Asian market. Simply said, Washington is a desirable location for expanding enterprises, especially because of its great standard of living and breathtaking scenery.


Moving your company from Florida to Colorado has several advantages due to the state’s friendly business environment and well-thought-out relocation. Colorado also offers tax rebates, funding options, and training programs tailored for development and expansion as additional economic benefits. The state’s advantageous central location allows for improved management across all time zones and a highly skilled and dynamic workforce that is further enhanced by a thriving small company ecosystem. Colorado’s high quality of life and lower cost of living will help provide an alluring atmosphere for drawing in and keeping top business personnel. Furthermore, Colorado has somewhat cheaper living expenses than other states. Additionally, take advantage of Colorado’s progressive labor laws as they offer plenty of benefits.

View of Denver
Moving to Colorado will have its benefits

North Carolina

Several compelling reasons exist to move your business from Florida to North Carolina, including the state’s booming economy, business-friendly atmosphere, and skilled workforce. Because of this, North Carolina already has one of the lowest business tax rates in the country (2.5%), which will drop to 0% by 2030. Its proximity to prestigious universities and community colleges ensures a wide pool of trained labor, contributing to its diverse workforce. The market would be easily accessible due to the strategic infrastructure and central location of the Eastern Seaboard. In addition, this state has a variety of cultural resources, a mild climate, and high living standards. The most ideal atmosphere for your company’s survival and long-term growth is provided by the state of North Carolina, which actively encourages innovation and growth in numerous industries.


Some of the positive benefits for corporate growth are promised by relocating operations from Florida to Tennessee. Tennessee’s economy, which is fueled by industry, technology, and healthcare and benefits from significant cities like Memphis and Nashville, is among the most promising. Its advantageous position in the middle of the country facilitates better access to the main American markets. Employers and employees gain greatly from Tennessee’s advantageous tax environment, including no personal income tax. Tennessee’s commitment to workforce development and education—indeed, Governor Bill Haslam’s establishment of the Tennessee Promise program—provides a guarantee of a steady stream of skilled workers. Furthermore, there is an excellent quality of life due to the relatively low cost of living.

View of buildings in Nashville
Doing business in Tennessee can make a huge difference

Start a new chapter in your business

A fresh start always comes with its own difficulties. However, when you move your business from Florida, the process can be easier when you know where to move it. Places all over the US will have their pros and cons. Are you moving to the West Coast? Are opportunities closer to Florida something you’re looking for? Whatever your business needs might be, different locations will be available for you to start a new chapter.

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