Why Is Ohio a Good Option for Floridians

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Is Ohio a good option for Floridians? That’s a question that you want to have an answer to before you start the relocation process. From the cost of living to healthcare, we’ll provide you with the information you need. Of course, if you decide on this move, you can be sure Eagle Moving Group will fit you with the right moving professionals. Let’s not waste any time and get into details about why Ohio can be a great place for you.

Enjoy an affordable cost of living

One of the reasons for looking at interstate movers Florida has to offer and moving to Ohio is its affordable price. Above all, it’s a factor that many people put on top of their reasons for wanting to move. Floridians don’t have tax burdens like many other states, but increasing home prices in big cities have made it tougher to budget for a comfortable lifestyle.

On the other hand, Ohio has reasonable pricing when it comes to a variety of details. For example, the median home price is around $197,000. That number is 41% lower than the national average. You can even rent a two-bedroom apartment for around $980 per month. This means that you will surely have more money available to spend on the things you actually want to spend them on.

A person counting money asking themselves: Is Ohio a good option for Floridians?
There are financial benefits to living in Ohio

Have four distinct seasons available

​For those used to the more consistent weather in Florida, Ohio’s climate offers a welcome change of pace. Ohio offers four unique seasons: bright autumns, sunny summers, vivid springs, and snowy winters. Ohio experiences warm summers, with typical highs of 85°F, making them ideal for outdoor activities. Fall is a beautiful season because of the breathtaking display of leaves. Winters are harsh, with frequently below-freezing temperatures, making snow sports possible. Spring is pleasant, with flowers in bloom and comfortable weather. Throughout the year, a variety of activities and welcome changes are made possible by this seasonal variability.

Is Ohio a good option for Floridians? Job opportunities say that it is

Before you book residential movers from Florida make sure you get a good idea of Ohio’s job market. The unemployment rate currently stands at around 3.4%, which is pretty strong. When you look at the state’s job market, you will see three industries that stand out. Among them are professional services, manufacturing, and healthcare. When it comes to companies that have headquarters in Ohio, Procter & Gamble, Goodyear, and Nationwide Insurance are just some of the top ones. The state gains from strong GDP development as well, especially in the industrial sector, which generates $126.5 billion a year. Furthermore, deliberate economic policies and investments have promoted an atmosphere that is favorable for the expansion of businesses and the creation of jobs.​

Quality education

For many, the main reason for moving from Florida to Ohio will be education. Whether you’re moving with kids or are a student on your own, there are so many great institutions around Ohio. Among them is Ohio State University, which is considered one of the top universities. Besides that, you have places with a great reputation, like Case Western Reserve University. Are you looking at education for your kids? Then you can look at places like Indian Hill High School and Dublin Jerome High School. Whatever you need, you can have some great opportunities for education in Ohio as a Floridian.

Students graduating
Is Ohio a good option for Floridians? It is when it comes to education

Enjoy outdoor recreation

Ohio is full of spaces that you can enjoy. The outdoor spaces and nature make it stand out more than other states. As a Floridian, you will be able to check out some beautiful parks and amazing lakes, hike along interesting trails, and do much more. Let’s provide you with some concrete examples. Hocking Hills State Park will leave you wanting to come back, as its natural beauty provides everything from cliffs to waterfalls. Are you someone who likes watching animals more? Then, Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the place for you. Do you enjoy swimming? Then Lake Erie is for you, while the Ohio River offers kayaking and paddleboarding. Here are some other places to check out, including:

  • Mohican State Park
  • Maumee Bay State Park
  • John Bryan State Park
  • Wayne National Forest
  • Cedar Point Amusement Park

Have outstanding cultural diversity

For Floridians, Ohio is a fascinating possibility because of its cultural diversity. The state offers a wide variety of cultural events, including lively festivals and interesting food scenes. Multicultural communities are a well-known feature of cities like Columbus and Cleveland. The West Side Market in Cleveland features international cuisine. Columbus hosts the Festival Latino each year to honor Latin American culture. For German culture, you can experience Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine area for some amazing modern art. Are you looking for some great museums? The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Cincinnati Art Museum are the places for you. Just enjoy and explore what Ohio has to offer.

Make the best of healthcare facilities

One of the reasons why many consider Ohio a good option for Floridians is healthcare. Let’s go over some amazing institutions. For example, the Cleveland Clinic offers advanced medical care and specialized therapies. Even when you look at the whole country, it’s one of the top-rated clinics. Besides that, Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University is a place that always provides quality, cutting-edge medical care and research. If you need quality children’s hospitals, places like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where pediatric treatments are top-notch. As a Floridian, there will be no need to stress about your healthcare.

A doctor with a stethoscope
There’s no lack of quality healthcare in Ohio

Make the best out of Ohio

Ohio offers plenty of unique opportunities that can make life for Floridians much easier. We’re sure that the question – Is Ohio a good option for Floridians? – will have a positive answer. Of course, everyone will have their own personal opinion. However, there will be plenty of benefits from the climate to fun places to check out across the state. If you decide to move, we wish you the best of luck, and we’re sure that Ohio will be an outstanding place for you.

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